The only way to avoid the TSA Security Lines

As of late, several videos have gone viral showing rows and rows of frustrated passengers waiting in airport TSA lines.  There is nothing worse than starting a vacation or business trip waiting, helpless in a long, slow line.  My solution to avoiding the security lines is TSA Global Entry.

It is a simple process.  Travelers must be pre-approved and undergo a rigorous background check, fingerprinting and interview before approval. For more detailed information go to:   After you have been approved, you will pay a nominal fee of $100 for five years.  Check with your credit card as many will waive the fee.

Approved TSA Global Entry Trusted Travelers are also automatically enrolled in TSA Pre Check. Now you can que up in the TSA Pre Check security line. There is no need to disrobe, remove your shoes or pull out your liquids package.  The process is streamlined and much shorter than the standard TSA lines.  Of course you could be subject to a random check.

With Global Entry, you will avoid the snaking lines upon reentry into the United States.  As a pre-screened Global Entry member, you check-in at one of several Global Entry kiosks using your passport, print out your form and off you go.  What if you don't fly international?  Then simply enroll in TSA Pre check.

Voila!  That is how you avoid the security lines.

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