Six travel items to make your flight more luxurious.

Not everyone has the luxury of turning left on an airplane and sinking into a comfy first or business class seat. Fear not, there are several items you can bring on board that will help make your flying experience being wedged between two strangers in the last row feel more luxurious. From comfy blankets to a fancy portable cocktail kit congratulations — you just got an upgrade without the Y class fare.

Six must have travel items to make your flight more luxurious.
1.  Old Fashioned Carry-on Cocktail Kit
Uncommon Goods - $24.00.

Channel your inner mixologist with a personal cocktail kit.

2.  Hoodie Neck Pillow with Memory Foam
Hoodie Pillow - $29.95.

Rest your weary head while blocking out light and sound with a genius hoodie pillow.

3.  Travelrest 4-in 1 premier class travel blanket with pocket
Amazon - $29.95.

Stay cozy and warm in your own comfy and clean blanket.
4.  QuietComfort® 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones
Bose - $299.00.

Awe... peace and quiet.  Pricey but the silence is worth it! 

5.  40 Blinks Molded Eye Mask
Travel Smith - $15.00.

Keep your mascara in place and avoid eye wrinkles with a molded mask.

6.  Compression Socks
Rejuvahealth - $29.99.

Keep your legs energized and swelling minimized with stylish - yes stylish compression socks.  Look for 15-20mmHg.

What are your must have travel items?


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