Top rated 15 trips of a lifetime

Oh, the places you will go in your lifetime.  Many people talk of taking a trip of a lifetime, but how does one set out to plan such a trip?  What elevates a humble getaway into a trip of a lifetime? Personally, I believe its all about the destination and getting out of your comfort zone, experiencing a new sense of adventure, exploration and connection with your surroundings.  It can be a solo journey or one spent with family and friends.  It does not have to be the most expensive trip or the furthest destination.

According to Travel and Leisure, there are 15 locations that can be considered "trips of a lifetime" with Iceland at the top. These destinations are pretty amazing, perhaps a revision to your travel plans is order.  Below is the list, complete itinerary's can be found at Travel and Leisure/Journeys.

1.  Iceland
2.  Italy - Milan and Lake Como
3.  Croatia - Dalmatian Coast
4.  Spain - Seville and Madrid
5.  Oman
6.  Zambia and Zimbabwe
7.  Morocco
8.  Mongolia
9.  Myanmar
10. India
11. Papua New Guinea
12. Canada
13. Chile
14.  Nicaragua and Panama
15.  Cuba

What are your "trips of a lifetime"?  

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